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Your World Cup Final Town/City  DateTeam 1Team 2# Nets
The Rooflight Company World Cup Challenge Photos Witney, Oxford England 25 Jul 10 Lee's Lions Team1 Team2 Brewster's Buffalos 93
Clash of the Councils Southend England 27 Jun 10 England Brazil 31
The Big One London England 27 May 10 England Brazil 4
Tractor Cup Erith, Kent England 01 Jul 10 England Brazil 4
Replay of 2006 Milan Italy 08 Jun 10 Italy France 2
Partying in the park London England 17 Jun 10 Brazil England 2
Snow Whites vs The 7 Dwarfs Photos Bristol England 25 Jun 10 Snow White Team1 Team2 Seven Dwarfs 10
Lewes Layabouts Lewes England 29 Jun 10 Greece Italy 8