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Funds raised US$475,489,095
Nets funded 230,642,230
People protected 415,156,014

Online recurring donations

You can make automatic recurring donations with a frequency of days, weeks, months or more by using our normal donation process.

  1. After entering the relevant details on our online donation page, including donation frequency. You will be taken to a confirmation page.
  2. You will then be taken to the WorldPay website to enter securely your card details. This is where you will be given a username and password for WorldPay's Recurring payment system, FuturePay, and a link to it.

  3. At any time you can cancel your recurring donation. Only you can make any changes, by logging into the WorldPay system. Changing the amount requires an existing recurring donation to be cancelled and a new one set up. You will receive a notification from WorldPay any time a change or new donation is made.

Recurring donations to AMF are one of a number of indices we follow to assess how we are performing and engaging support.

We publish monthly totals for recurring donations so others can see the numbers and follow progress. 100% of these funds buy nets.