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The Valley Crew

Location New York, USA 
01 Sep 2006

This is Saul. Its 9:20 on a Wednesday night and my brother in law hasn't eaten today because he's fasting for malaria and won't eat until we setup 100 teams with at least $20 each.

He's a great guy (a bit crazy) but I support the cause and want to do my part.

Participants: Ziv Mendelsohn, Ami Horowitz, Ory Barak, Steve Nicoll, Noy Hayun, Jacob Meszaros

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 20    22  (US$ 100)
Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/valleycrew2007
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1,335   Pynes Town Clinic, Sinoe county Liberia Dec 07-Apr 08 Logo Merlin Status

Saul Stepner 28 Sep 06 Teaneck US$100.00 US$100.00 Lets save the children!! Click here to see details of the distribution in Liberia which this donation has helped to fundflag Status 2341

Subtotal  US$ 100.00
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Total raised  US$ 100.00