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George Washington University

Location Washington DC, USA 
01 Sep 2008

Here are some quick facts about malaria:
- The number of children that will die today from malaria would fill 7 jumbo jets
- Malaria is the world's single largest killer of children
- Malaria is preventable and treatable
- The single most effective means of prevention is a US$5 mosquito net
- Of the 1 to 3 million people that die each year, 70% are children under 5.

So forget those 2 slices at Pizza I at 4am and help a kid.
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Participants: Michelle Beatty, Adam Levine, Heather Shelby, Bethany Remely, Courtney Dworkin, Justin Savage, Jeff Guertin, Shauna Smith, Dan Fellman, Andrew Merten, Alli Darrow, Sheena Patel, Jessi Birenz Sunjay Jacob-Mathews, Jenna Glass, Lauren Deputter, Zach Bench, Greg Kershaw, Stacie Jacoby, Jenn Lore, Meredith Hotarek, Jason Zimmerman, Alex Altimas, Theresa Lamontagne, Michael Girma, Laura Brigham, Susanna Brown, Mike Amoroso, Jarod Marsahll, Alex Greer, Omar Griffin, Melissa Ballard, Bobby Vainshtein, Chrissy Balz, Mariah Marshall, Heather O'Neil, Piper Skip, Ed Thomas, Linda Thomas, Molly Williams, Laura Shoemaker, Brittany Wankel, Kerry Beckman, Rebecca Emery, Ethan Bronstein, Kris Ansin, Eric London, Samantha Dareff, Emilie Korn, Caitlin Andreae, Jason Kane, David and Terri Beatty, Alberto Benitez, Alex Lopoukhine, Rachel Dozor, Tim Zirolkik, Michelle Santoro, Ryan Brier, Jeff Adkins, Evan Eckfeld, Lauren Hersey, Alison Dressler, Alex Phino, Samatha Dareff, Adam Cumurcu, Palomi Sheth, Andi Nadeau, Tyler Levine-Hall, Alex Piscionere, Carla Webb

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