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Global Health Forum

Location Swarthmore College, PA, USA 
01 Sep 2008

We're students at Swarthmore College in the USA!
We're raising money for insecticide-treated bednets for children and families in the Acholi Quarter in Kampala, Uganda!
This is a fantastic community -- generous, kind, and they know how to dance!
Please support our campaign!
Sponsor us because we're going to work tirelessly to make sure that every person in the Acholi Quarter will have an insecticide-treated bednet!

Participants: Mark Dlugash, Sherri Lee, Lois Park, Erin Ronhovde, Maryanne Tomazic, Mark Mai, Katie Camillus, Katie Condon, Alex Pavlisin, Mi Zheng, Lucy McNamara, Aaron Schwartz, Lauren Irizarry, Jaime Hammond, Kaitlin Kyi, CJ Seitz-Brown, Hoa Pham, Camilia Kamoun, Abbe Muller, and more!

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