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Participants 542,525
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Peacing It Together

Location Fort Washington, USA 
01 Sep 2008

It’s just not fair that children in Africa are dying from malaria, a PREVENTABLE and treatable disease, because their families cannot afford the bed nets that can help save lives. These bed nets, treated to prevent disease, are only $5 each! So, for a $10 donation, you can save even more children. Or, for an $18 donation (CHAI, or LIFE), I will add $2 and together we will buy 4 bed nets! (I’ll do this for all multiples of $18, or CHAI).    more >>

Participants: Aliza, her family, her friends and many others who want to stamp out this preventable and treatable disease!

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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/PeacingItTogether
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