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Participants 531,543
US$ 166,341,276
Nets 73,890,108
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   Sponsor/DonorDateTown/City Country AmountGift AidMessageNets fundedReceipt
InitiativeThis is a general donation to Against Malaria, not a sponsorship Online view 5DayDeal.com  30 Nov 17  Colorado Spr... USA US$3,001.00   Made possible by customers and partner of our October 2017 Photography Bundle. Thanks you and keep up the great work! This donation is underwritting a distribution in Papua New Guinea. Click here for more detailsflagUStatusPhotos expectedVideos expected1,6953,051 # 320874

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If MGR is not shown, and you believe a matching gift should have been received by us, please let us know so we may identify it or apply for it.

Total number of nets funded: 1,696        Total number of people protected: 3,052

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