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Funds raised US$565,234,582
Nets funded 256,104,120
People protected 460,987,416

Haut Lomami Province, 2020, Congo (Dem. Rep.)  


Nets: 2,544,717 LLINs
When: Dec 20-Jan 21
Distributed by:  PNLP/IMA

2.7 million nets will be distributed in all 16 Health Zones in Haut Lomami Province to achieve universal coverage (all sleeping spaces covered) of a population of 4.3 million people.




The two objectives of post-distribution activity are i) to monitor and report on the continued use of the nets (achieved via six-monthly Post-Distribution net use and condition Check-Ups (PDCUs) which collect data from 5% of the households, randomly selected and visited unannounced, that received nets during the distribution) and ii) to assess the impact in terms of reduced malaria to which the nets contribute (achieved via monthly malaria case rate and mortality data, received quarterly).