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Participants 512,208
US$ 127,608,203
Nets 48,057,215

Dowa District 2015, Malawi  


Nets: 396,900 LLINs
When: Mar-May 15
Distributed by:  Concern Universal

396,900 LLINs are estimated to be needed to achieve universal coverage of the population of some 700,000 in Dowa district. A detailed pre-distribution registration survey at the household level, to be carried out two months before the distribution, will establish the exact net need.




The two objectives of post-distribution activity are i) to monitor and report on the continued use of the nets (achieved via six-monthly Post-Distribution net use and condition Check-Ups (PDCUs) which collect data from 5% of the households, randomly selected and visited unannounced, that received nets during the distribution) and ii) to assess the impact in terms of reduced malaria to which the nets contribute (achieved via monthly malaria case rate and mortality data, received quarterly).

Post-Distribution net use and condition Check Ups (PDCU)

12-month PDCU


  • 7,726 households, 15,094 nets surveyed,
  • 74% of nets hung, 11% present but not hung
  • 32% in very good, 39% in good and 17% in viable condition, 12% worn out


6-month PDCU


  • 7,542 households, 16,279 nets surveyed,
  • 81% of nets hung, 15% present but not hung
  • 77% in very good, 21% in good and 1% in viable condition, 1% worn out