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Funds raised US$496,977,834
Nets funded 225,596,122
People protected 406,073,020

Donate by mail

You can send cheque(s)/check(s) through the post to our partner bank. Please do not send cash by mail.

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Via normal mail:
Against Malaria Foundation
Citibank NA
PO Box 7247-6370
PA 19170-6370

Via UPS or FEDEX please send to:
Against Malaria Foundation
Citibank NA
Box 6370
400 White Clay Center Drive
DE 19711

Payable to : 'Against Malaria Foundation'

If you are a US tax resident your donation will be made to The Against Malaria Foundation (US) and is therefore legally tax deductible.

When donating by mail or bank transfer, please fill in the form below before/after you donate so we can identify your donation and send you a receipt. We may not always get supporting documents or bank references, so please let us know directly. You do not need to fill in this form if donating online via this website.
We never send emails soliciting donations and we will not put you on any email-mailing list. We would not pass your email address or details to third parties. Your donation will be publicly anonymous unless you request otherwise.

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If you pay UK tax and you fill in the Gift Aid declaration we will be able to claim 25% from the British Government on top of your donation and it won't cost you a penny! (We include this notification about Gift Aid, even though you have selected a non-UK country, because some non-UK resident donors do pay UK tax and this is relevant for them.)