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Sponsoring MFI Blue Ribbon Campaign by mail

You can send cheque(s)/check(s) through the post to our partner bank. Please do not send cash by mail.

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Note: If you pay UK tax* and you fill in the Gift Aid declaration we will be able to claim 25% from the British Government on top of your donation and it won't cost you a penny! * you need to have paid UK income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the 25% that we will claim.

For reasons of administration efficiency (and NOT for marketing) we would be very grateful if you would include your email address with any letter that accompanies a donation, or simply email with your email address. This allows us to send a thank you/acknowledgment note via email rather than via post. We never send emails soliciting donations and we will not put you on any email-mailing list. We would not pass your email address or details to third parties.

If you would like a tax receipt please email and letting us know the details of your donation.