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Funds raised US$496,708,455
Nets funded 225,461,433
People protected 405,830,579

Run To Better Days

Welcome to the Run To Better Days!

We are a group primarily of medical students who for the last 6 years have embarked on a run of about 1,100km down the east coast of QLD. Along the way we stop to speak at schools, universities and community groups about Global Poverty, and what we as individuals in an affluent society can do for people living in extreme poverty.

Our generation is the first to have the opportunity to banish extreme poverty forever, all that remains to be seen is whether we will have the courage to seize it. We invite you to be part of the solution, and run with us to better days, for we believe that this is truly something worth fighting for.

We're putting our money where our mouth is, and fundraising for AMF, one of the most evidence-based, cost-effective and transparent organisations there is, and generating action to end Global Poverty.

We’re running for the 1 billion people who struggle to survive on less than $2 a day.
We’re running for the people who have never had the opportunity to live a life we take for granted.
We’re running to hold our government to promises that remain unfulfilled.
We’re running because we have the chance to save lives, and we don’t want to ignore it.
We're Running to Better Days.

Visit our Website here: http://www.runtobetterdays.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRuntoBetterDays

Roll call of participants (past and present): Julian Pecora, Simon Johnson, Chris Pitcher, David Uprichard, Matthias Wust, Roisin Lyons, Toby Sen Gupta, Byron Thompson, Courtney Woods, Meghan Boon, Tarun Sen Gupta, Wendy Billeter, Carl Pinkstone, Rosie Matthews, Laura Koefler, Christina Hannah, Max Hankin, Hailey Smith, Annie Faint, Grace Gough, Jared Sullivan, Luke Milkota, Marie Du Toit

Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/RunToBetterDays
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 PagesLocationTotal# Nets raised 
The Run To Better Days 2020 Townsville AUD 5,191.00 2,065 Donate
The Run to Better Days 2019 Mackay -> Coolangatta AUD 12,513.48 5,257
The Run to Better Days 2018 Mackay -> Coolangatta AUD 16,983.90 7,349
The Run to Better Days 2017 Cairns -> Rockhampton AUD 12,912.11 4,754
The Run to Better Days 2016 Queensland AUD 18,472.89 6,375
The Run to Better Days 2015 Australia AUD 13,675.64 4,543
The Run to Better Days 2014 Melbourne AUD 17,261.09 7,596
Total Σ AUD 97,010.1237,939
Total raised   37,943