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Participants 553,523
US$ 285,586,979
Nets 134,325,475

Politics Against Malaria 2018

Political groups of all different kinds, coming together to help end malaria!

To donate, please click your preferred link below. Once on your team's page, click the red 'Donate/Sponsor Now' button. Thank you, and may the best team win!

Note: Donor details are not seen by the creator of the fundraising pages and are held confidentially. The only donor information seen is that which the donor decides to make public.

Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/PoliticsAgainstMalaria2018
 PagesLocationTotal# Nets raised
Neoliberals Against Malaria Worldwide US$ 25,663.31 11,576
/r/Drama Against malaria Palestine US$ 829.70 345
CenterLeftPolitics Against Malaria Worldwide US$ 300.35 127
/r/Tuesday Against Malaria USA US$ 289.21 118
NeoConservatives Against Malaria Worldwide US$ 155.00 62
VoteBlue Against Malaria USA US$ 100.00 40
StupidPol against Malaria Palestine US$ 72.00 38
Libertarians Against Malaria Worldwide US$ 50.00 31
Anarcho-Capitalists Against Malaria Worldwide US$ 51.69 23
Total raised   12,363