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Funds raised US$464,328,802
Nets funded 225,159,131
People protected 405,286,436

AM Update - 28 November 2013

Distribution update – taking longer than anticipated
We had hoped by now to conclude agreements to allocate the majority of nets we are currently able to fund. Despite our best efforts, however, we have not been able to do so. 

This is because we have not been able to reach a net distribution agreement for a major, country or province-wide net distribution with an appropriate level of accountability and transparency. 

As you know, these are key considerations for us as theft of nets at a material level can occur with large net distributions. If there were no, or limited, concerns over the potential material misappropriation of nets, it would be very easy to hand over funds for them. 

This statement does not indicate those potential partners with whom we have been discussing potential distributions tolerate the theft of nets. It does indicate we have not been able to achieve an agreement that would give access to information, enabling us to independently verify that nets would be distributed as intended, so we could report that to donors.

Read the full update: Web version or PDF version