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Funds raised US$615,787,336
Nets funded 280,797,746
People protected 505,435,943

Can we support your own distributions?

Many groups approach us and ask if they can fundraise for nets using the www.againstmalaria.com platform to fund nets they will distribute themselves. The answer is Yes - provided the distribution proposed meets certain criteria.

We have set up a system to make it easy and simple for an organisation to apply to us to fund a distribution of bednets - but also ensure that any bed nets we fund go to the right places and have guarantees concerning timing, delivery and transparency.

This involves completing a distribution form which is sent to our Malaria Advisory Group - a panel made up of some of the world's leading malaria experts with extensive experience both in the strategies used to combat malaria and in the implementation of malaria programmes. More details on this process can be found here.

If this Group approves the proposal you can then go ahead and you can use our on-line platform.  The benefits this bring are: the ability to fundraise online at no cost; donors and supporters can leave encouraging messages when they donate; they can see at any time the total funds they have raised; we add their distribution to the website and link all donations to the distribution so donors really see where the nets they have funded are going; post-distribution, they see pictures and video footage of the distribution so they really, do see what they funded.  Of course there is the additional benefit that 100 per cent of the money raised buys bed nets at the world's lowest cost, thereby maximising the number of nets you can get for you money.