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Funds raised US$464,149,189
Nets funded 225,197,100
People protected 405,354,780

Haiti - Earthquake

The immediate needs in Haiti are search and rescue teams and medical aid. Immediate support can be given via the DEC,the Red CrossWorld Vision and others.

In the near to medium term malaria, already a problem in Haiti, is likely to increase significantly due to there being little to stop transmission. News media are quoting teams in Haiti as already concerned about a number of diseases including malaria.

We would like to help.

We have set up a specific donation page. 100% of funds donated here will buy nets for Haiti and we will liaise with the relevant authorities and partners to ensure they are distributed as soon as possible when they are needed, where they are needed.

We are starting the fund with $25,000 as the need is likely to be very large.

If you are able to help, thank you.