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Funds raised US$475,489,148
Nets funded 230,642,257
People protected 415,156,063

The Big African Cycle

Peter Gostelow, one of our Against Malaria heroes, is amazing us all by cycling from England to... Cape Town, South Africa, all in aid of AMF. He is making great progress in his cycling adventure and has covered 6,175 km of his 20,000 km challenge through 25 countries along the west African coast.

We are in awe of what Peter has taken on - saddle soreness, flat tyres and all! He keeps us regularly updated and entertained via his blog (The Big African Cycle). His most recent post, aptly entitled 'The Wacky Contenders', describes how he started 2010 by meeting some interesting characters, while applying for his visa for Mauritiana in north west Africa.

"There was a sizeable crowd waiting outside the embassy at 8.30am on Monday morning. Considering recent news I  expected to be the only western face who would be applying for a Mauritanian visa. Instead a colourful bunch of characters, mostly with their own vehicles,  (equally colourful) had lined the road of this Rabat address..."

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