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Funds raised US$365,642,900
Nets funded 174,710,245
People protected 314,478,441

Motos Against Malaria - now back home

A year ago, Todd Lawson and Christina Tottle set off on motorbikes to travel the length of Africa both raising money for, and also distributing, bed nets.  We helped organise the logistics for this and created with them the "Motos Against Malaria" initiative.

They have finally reached the end of their epic quest having travelled over 23,000 kilometres through 15 countries.

You can read all about their journey here and see some more wonderful images.  If you want to support them, you can find their fundraising page here and here is where you can track the places in Uganda where they were able to distribute many of the bed nets their money funded.

Remember also, we can work with you to create your own fundraising initiative.