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Nets funded 280,797,746
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It's nice to know we are making a difference

Last year, we organised a distribution of 240 bed nets to Sumbe in Cameroon.  You can see the details and some pictures here.

Usually pictures or video together with the completion report from the distribution partner are all that we get to see.  This is great because it is what we need to provide the transparency and proof of action that is fundamental to how we go about things.  However, it is always nice to receive slightly more informal feedback about the impact on the lives of the people concerned.  That is why we were very pleased to receive this from Gilbert B. Ayuk, a native of Sumbe but who now lives in the US and was reporting back following a visit to the village.

Dear Rob Mather,
On behalf of the people of Sumbe Village in the South West Province of
Cameroon, I wish to thank all of you at the Against Malaria Foundation and your principal partners for your donation of 240 nets to the people of  our village. Your donation has led to a blanket covering of all sleeping spaces and has led to a dramatic fall in the incidence of malaria in a village that is located deep in the tropical forest ofAfrica.

The people of Sumbe village are appreciative of your coming to their assistance.

Gilbert B. Ayuk
(Sumbe native, resident in the US)

Thank you Gilbert.