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Funds raised US$503,427,382
Nets funded 228,498,321
People protected 411,296,978

USD ¼ billion reached!

We have now passed a significant milestone thanks to you.

Together we have raised a total of US$250 million since AMF started! The donation that took us past that milestone was one from Ithaca, New York!

The more important figures of course are the number of lives saved, malaria cases averted, people protected and economic improvement as a result of the nets funded, distributed and used for protection at night.

This total equates to the funding of more than 115 million nets to protect 210 million people and an expected impact, once all nets are distributed, of more than 105 million cases of malaria averted, 100,000+ lives saved, and local economic improvement of US$3 billion.

We have also just passed 547,000 donations received, with this coming from over 139,300 people in 192 countries!

As always, our sincere thanks to everyone for their wonderful support and generosity.