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Funds raised US$566,241,583
Nets funded 256,362,444
People protected 461,452,399

'Double Up Drive' - Very generous matching donations to AMF!

For information

If you are considering donating to AMF very soon, there is the possibility your donation could be doubled if you make it via the Double Up Drive.

AMF has been chosen as one of very few charities and there is a matching pot of US$2.6 million.

  • Maximum of US$10,000 per donor per charity.
  • There is no limit to how many people can donate to AMF
  • Likely that the matching pot will still be active until 7-10 December (we will post an update here and on social media)
  • To be sure/maximise the chances of a match to your donation, the earlier the donation is made from now (30Nov) the better
  • If you donate, please do 'opt in' at Double-Up for your details to be shared with AMF as then we (AMF) can email you a link to show you where your nets will be distributed. Note: We do not add you to a list and we do not send soliciting emails.

Donations are matched on a 'first come, first matched' basis until the matching pot is used up. There is no downside in donating via them, only an upside.

For US donors

Simply visit www.doubleupdrive.org/donate

For donors outside the US

To participate in the Match Drive and ensure your donations qualify for tax-deductible outside the US, please follow these instructions from Double Up Drive:

  • Step 1: Visit Double Up Drive’s page for international donors and follow the steps on the page.
  • Step 2: Complete and submit the form provided on the page.
  • Step 3: Wait for Double Up Drive’s team to contact you, confirm your eligibility and provide further instructions about how to complete your donation (via email, within 24 hours) info@doubleupdrive.org (you may wish to add it to your contacts now)
  • Step 4: Make your donation directly using the instructions provided by Double Up Drive
  • Step 5: Forward the appropriate tax receipt(s) for your donation to Double Up Drive (via the same correspondent who contacted you about your eligibility)