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Funds raised US$612,292,018
Nets funded 279,224,259
People protected 502,603,666
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Behind the scenes: Allocating donations to distributions

We allocate individual donations to specific distributions so donors can see where the nets they fund are distributed. We achieve this through an entirely integrated system for donation management, donation allocation and distribution management.

The screenshots below show the main elements of the system. We are unable to show information for the live allocation system for data privacy reasons.

The main elements

1. Funds required for this distribution and location
2. Summary of available funds
3. Donations available to be allocated
4. Allocated donations

The allocation process

1. Donations are selected
2. Donatons are allocated
3. Allocated donations appear here
4. All totals are updated

Further detail

1. Donations are automatically categorised
2. Running totals
3. Donation status