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Funds raised US$355,927,103
Nets funded 169,488,664
People protected 305,079,595
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Behind the scenes: New donations

We review every donation AMF receives which helps us to manage allocation, communication and reporting. This page will either show a series of donations (yet to be reviewed by AMF) or no donations (all reviewed and we are up to date). more

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ID  SponsoringRSalutationFirst nameSame?Last nameCompany nameDisplay nameEmail address AmountUS $ Gift Aid Date
757081 Online The Music, F… SAME How’s oldest friend US$ 100.00 100.00 25 Jul 2021 @ 10:45 AM

Certain information has been obscured for data protection reasons. Any information visible on this page is already visible elsewhere on the site.

& R = Recurring donations
Same = Does Salutation equal first name. It doesn't have to, but we check this.
= Amount does not have a final USD value