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Participants 520,367
US$ 140,572,692
Nets 61,144,621

C + E + NW + W Provinces 2017, Zambia  


Nets: 3,023,550 LLINs
When: Jul-Sep 17
Distributed by:  NMCP/Various

2.9 million nets will be distributed in four of Zambia's ten provinces, specifically Central, Eastern, North-Western and Western, to achieve universal coverage - all sleeping spaces covered - and protect 5.2 million people, approximately a third of the country.




The first phase of a distribution involves establishing how many nets are needed to achieve universal coverage i.e. all sleeping spaces covered in the distribution area. A Pre-Distribution Registration Survey (PDRS), involving visits by local health staff to all households in the distribution area, establishes how many nets are needed at the household-level.