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Funds raised US$496,977,834
Nets funded 225,596,122
People protected 406,073,020

Accenture Bratislava

Location Bratislava, Slovakia 
01 Dec 2005
Group: Accenture


I just like water.. that's all.. i like to feel free.. so when i can play underwater rugby (www.uw-rugby.sk) i can also swim.. so here i am :)) http://www.uw-rugby.sk

# PeopleNets
 50 to 60    19  (US$ 86)
Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/58902005
Distributions this page helped fund
# LLINs Location CountryWhen By whomStatus  
1,300   Altawedat & East Block, Mayo Farms IDP camp Sudan May-Jun 07 Logo Malaria Consortium Status

Anonymous 14 Feb 06 ... US$86.00 US$86.00 Click here to see details of the distribution in Sudan, Mayo Farms IDP Camp which this donation has helped to fundflag Status 2036

Subtotal  US$ 86.00
Gift Aid  US$ 0.00
Total raised  US$ 86.00