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Funds raised US$363,567,715
Nets funded 173,412,052
People protected 312,141,694

World Swim Against Malaria

  • As many people as possible swimming
  • Raising money to fight malaria
  • 100% of the money buys nets


  • More than a million people die each year
  • 70% of them are children under 5
  • #1 killer of pregnant women
  • Malaria is preventable


  • A net is the most effective means of prevention
  • US$2.00 per net
  • 100% of the money buys nets


  • You see exactly where the nets you fund are distributed
  • We add photos and video of each distribution
  • We monitor net use and malaria case data
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 Latest sponsors and donors

 Sponsor/Donor Amount
Initiative Ryan O'Connor US$120.00
Initiative Adrian Miller AUD50.00
Initiative Peter Howat AUD20.00
Initiative Geraldine O'Toole AUD25.00
Initiative Alex Thompson AUD20.00
Initiative AF AUD72.00
Initiative Michael Wilson AUD20.00
Initiative Elana McNeil AUD20.00
Initiative Katie Mee AUD50.00
Initiative Sharon Pretty AUD20.00
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 Latest net distributions

# LLINs Location CountryStatus
92,950  Centrale Reg… Togo Status
315,400  Western Regi… Uganda Status
50,000  Balaka Distr… Gambia Status

Latest photos and video

# LLINs Location Country  
83,999  Health Zone … Congo…
50,643  Health Zone … Congo…
69,233  Health Zone … Congo…
66,104  Health Zone … Congo…
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Our aim

One million people swimming.
All on the same day.*
All over the world.
Raising funds for nets.

Your participation

Please swim! Alone, with friends, as a group, as a club, as a company. In a pool, in the sea. One length of the pool, a km, more. You decide. It's your swim so you choose with whom, how, where (and when). Be part of an attempt at a million swimming!

About World Swim

In 2005, the first World Swim Against Malaria achieved 250,000 people swimming in 130 countries. We raised $1.3m. 100% bought nets to protect some 500,000 people.

How you can help

register a swim

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Quick link to this page: http://www.againstmalaria.com/WorldSwim