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Participants 538,246
US$ 221,601,702
Nets 102,580,228

The latest fundraisers from Taiwan (Republic of China)

Running total: 538,246 people have/are participating in Against Malaria activities from 142 countries.

All initiatives
 #Group/team/person Location CountryDate# Nets 
10 Karma Kisses Tea House Formosa Island Taiwan (Republic of China) 48 link my page
4 Hu & Mao's Family New Taipei City Taiwan (Republic of China) 53 link my page
300 讓愛傳出去 Pay it forward Hualien Taiwan (Republic of China) 22 May 13 144 link my page
11 EndMalaria Taipei Taiwan (Republic of China) 0 link my page
2 Steven swim 4 against Malaria Taipei Taiwan (Republic of China) 11 Apr 09 0 link my page
3 Schi Wei Photos Taipei Taiwan (Republic of China) 01 Sep 06 0 link my page