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Funds raised US$568,516,680
Nets funded 257,249,391
People protected 463,048,904

The first 100,000...

20 groups are each contributing 5,000 swimmers:

Modern Pentathlon/Biathle
"... a high profile celebrity event in Monaco and the attendance of the world media to cover our contribution to World Swim Against Malaria will we hope provide further impetus to this extraordinary initiative."
New Zealand Schools
"This is a laudable initiative, bringing together people from across the world to cooperate in making a fundamental difference to many people's lives."

"Not only is this a remarkable concept, it is also a fantastic life-changing cause and one which we at SPEEDO will fully support."
British Triathlon
"A child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. That is about the time it takes to swim 25 metres. That puts things into perspective."
Catholic Schools of Western Australia
"This is a laudable initiative, bringing together people from across the world to cooperate in making a fundamental difference to many people's lives."
"World Swim Against Malaria comes at a time when there has never been a greater need to combat malaria and stop people dying needlessly and in unacceptably large numbers."

"This is already an important initiative across
the PwC world and we expect to have many thousands of our partners and staff, together with their families and associates, swimming to raise funds to buy the mosquito nets that are so urgently needed."
Diana Sport
"How wonderful to see the world's swimming community working together for such an important cause."

English Schools Swimming Association (ESSA)
"It is highly appropriate that many children will be participating in World Swim Against Malaria given 70% of the deaths from malaria are children under 5."

United World Colleges
"It's an exciting opportunity for the whole of the UWC movement to work towards a single goal, and we're delighted to be involved. Please follow our progress on the website!""
Rotary International (Great Britain & Ireland)
"...we applaud this initiative of trying to get a million people to swim and Rotarians will play our part. We will have at least 5,000 swimming and raising money and, we hope, many more."

UK Schools (NAHT)
"Given 70% of the deaths from malaria each year are children under 5 it is very appropriate many schoolchildren take part in World Swim Against Malaria."
South Africa
"With some of the worst malaria suffering taking place on our doorstep, there was no doubt the swimming community in South Africa would be involved in this initiative."

Swim For Terri-ers
World Swim
Against Malaria
started because of
Swim For Terri.

British Swimming
"This is a terrific initiative from the world of swimming to help the fight against the world's largest single disease killer of children, malaria."

Combined Services Swimming
"Led by the Army Swimming Union and coordinated by our network of Physical Training Instructors, we will be manoeuvring 5,000 combined service personnel, families and children towards swimming pools as part of a series of community swims for World Swim Against Malaria."
British Universities
"The British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) brought World Swim Against Malaria to the attention of the universities in the UK by sending out a simple email. University swimming captains started to hit 'reply' and said count us in and the numbers grew. Simple really."

"We are going to try and involve all of our 331 offices around the world and collectively "Swim Across Africa", 4,200miles. We like a challenge."

"Some of our staff have already asked if their volunteer work could involve helping with the distribution of bednets in Africa."

And other organisations have also joined in...

Metro UK
"... we will aim to get 5,000 readers, clients and staff swimming."
"We feel that this is a terrific initiative, bringing together people across the world..."
"...Microsoft people, including some of our most senior executives, will be swimming...'"
Lifesaving South Africa
"We like the idea of putting up a mosquito net at each location so people can throw their fundraising donations into the net. Simple and symbolic."
AUSSI Masters
"We are going walkabout with our swim and together we will be swimming 4,025 kms as we cross from West to East."

"FAWCO clubs - get ready to jump in the water! We invite all 18,000 members, as well as their spouses, colleagues, kids, friends, kids' friends and classmates, to be part of the FAWCO tidal wave of swimmers."

"We are familiar with the effects of malaria here as some parts of the Philippines are particularly badly affected."
Swimming South Africa
"From tiddlers and tots to mature swimmers; from casual to frequent, from grassroots to elite swimmers, please join us and be one of the million."

Swimming Australia
"We will do our utmost to encourage many many Australians to support and participate in World Swim Against Malaria. Australians, come on, let's sign up and get the greatest swimming nation on earth behind this."
Rotarians In Australia
"Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) in Australia has been distributing mosquito nets in the Pacific region for some time now through our Adopt-A-Village programme. Rotarians in Australia are delighted to be taking part in World Swim Against Malaria. "
"The equivalent of 7 jumbo jets full of children die of malaria every day. You don't need any more reason than that to be counted in World Swim Against Malaria. "

Kirsty and Zim Swim
"It doesn't matter how fast each of us swim: when it comes to World Swim Against Malaria each of us participating counts as one person swimming."