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Funds raised US$545,738,629
Nets funded 249,336,675
People protected 448,806,015
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News for 2017 - Show latest items

December 2017 Update

As 2017 draws to a close we would like to thank all who have supported and worked with AMF this year as without donors, distribution partners, volunteers and pro bono supporters we would not be able to do what we do in contributing to the fight against malaria. Thank you!

Distributions update

Distributions and follow-up surveys are currently being undertaken in a number of countries. 1.2 million nets are being distributed in Papua New Guinea , 2.4 million nets in Togo and 12.7 million in Uganda. Approximately 3 million nets will also be distributed in Zambia shortly, after the registration phase is complete - allowing us to determine the exact number of nets needed.

In addition many Post-Distribution Check-Ups have been performed in Ghana, DRC and Malawi this year with further check-ups being carried out in 2018 in additional countries. The results of these surveys will be added to the website in the New Year.

Future distributions

There remains a huge need for nets. The gap for the next few years runs into tens of millions of nets. We are involved in discussions in a number of countries requiring individually between 3 million and 33 million nets for the period 2018 to 2019.

AMF's gap for more funding remains large and we agree with GiveWell's assessment that the total funding gap for LLINs for 2018-2020 appears to be hundreds of millions of dollars.

We will publish commitments as they are made.

280,000th donation and over US$142 million raised so far!

We are thrilled to have recently received our 280,000th donation, with most donations ranging from a few dollars (and £, €, CAN$, NZ$, AUS$, bitcoin and more) to many thousands.

We are so grateful to you for your support. Thank you!


We now have tax-deductible status in a dozen countries, most recently in Ireland. We continue to assess the need for tax-deductibility status in other countries, some of which are already in the application stage and we hope to complete in the very near future.

New additions to the team

We are very happy to welcome two new members of the AMF team this year.

Julian is Operations Manager and Jenny is responsible for donation administration. They bring the total up to seven, including; Rob (CEO), Andrew (Head of Technology), Shaun (Programme Director), David (Uganda Representative) and Peter (Executive Chairman).

AMF top ranked!

AMF has again been top-ranked by the three leading organisations 'dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities'.

GiveWell has ranked AMF their #1 charity, for the sixth time in seven years, and recommends to donors:
"We recommend that donors give 70% of their donation to the Against Malaria Foundation... "

Giving What We Can has confirmed AMF is again a top-ranked charity for the seventh year in a row.

The Life You Can Save has AMF as a top-ranked charity for the seventh year in a row.

A suggestion for the Christmas/Holiday season!

Donate nets instead of gifts.

We send the recipient/s an email (on a date you choose e.g. 25th Dec) with your personal message and a link to their 'gift page', allowing them to follow the progress of their nets.

May we wish you a very happy and healthy 2018!

Rob, Andrew, Peter, Julian, Jenny, Shaun and David

AMF (Germany) tax deductible status for donors confirmed through to 27 Oct 2022

The German tax authorities have confirmed AMF (Germany)'s tax-deductibility status for donors through until 27 October 2022. The most recent 'Freistellungsbescheid' (tax-exemption) document has been added to AMF's charity status page.

Volunteers: Skilled editors sought

We are looking for several volunteers who have a particular skill in editing reports to help make those we receive more concise, and clearer.

As AMF grows, the number of reports we receive increases and we also see particular value in developing a series of templates that will help make reporting more efficient and the reports clearer and more widely read.

If you would be interested in volunteering your time and expertise and working with us, please get in touch.

AMF granted tax-deductible status for donors in Denmark

We are delighted to report that AMF now has tax-deductible status for donors in Denmark.

AMF has been granted this status effective 01 January 2017 by SKAT, Denmark’s tax authority, so any donations made to AMF on or after that date can be considered tax deductible by the donor.

Note: All online donations from Danish residents automatically receive an acknowledgement with a link to a downloadable tax receipt. For those wishing to make donations by bank transfer or cheque, the relevant bank account and address information can be found on our donations page, and tax receipts are sent on request.

Accounts for FY to 30 June 2017 (unaudited) now available

Our Financial Year ended yesterday at midnight and, as part of our commitment to efficiency, our annual accounts have been generated and are available to view on our Easier-to-understand accounts page.

We are able to show our pre-audit numbers within a few hours of the end of our financial year due to the level of automation of our financial systems which brings a number of benefits:

  1. Accurate management information - On any aspect of our finances at any time
  2. Improved transparency - For management, governance and audit purposes
  3. Improved efficiency - Minimal administrative input to prepare the accounts at year end (data is entered most working days during the year)
  4. Swift production of our annual accounts - Within 24 hours of the FY end i.e. once the closing balances on our accounts are known the next day
  5. Assisting our auditors - Swift availability of our draft annual accounts to give our auditors maximum flexibility in scheduling their work
  6. Keeping stakeholders up to date – Providing donors, trustees and other stakeholders with timely information on our financial status and performance

A further benefit is we now have 'real-time' financials in our 'Easier-to-Understand' section of our financial information.

AMF (Ireland) granted CDS status (tax deductibility for donors)

We are delighted to say AMF now has tax deductible status for donors in Ireland!

AMF (Ireland) has been granted Charitable Donation Scheme (CDS) status effective 01 January 2017 by Ireland's Office of the Revenue Commissioner, Charities Section, so any donations made to AMF (Ireland) on or after that date can be considered tax deductible by the donor.

Note: All online donations from Irish residents (as identified by the credit or debit card address being in Ireland) are automatically to AMF (Ireland). For those wishing to make donations by bank transfer or cheque, the relevant bank account and address information can be found on our donations page.

AMF funds 2.9 million nets for distribution in Zambia in August 2017

AMF has signed an agreement with the Zambia Ministry of Health to fund 2.9 million nets for distribution in August 2017. This represents 30% of Zambia's long-lasting insecticide treated net (LLIN) need for their 2017 universal coverage campaign.

The nets will be distributed in four of Zambia’s ten provinces, specifically Central, Eastern, North-Western and Western.

In total, 5.2 million people will be protected. Malaria is one of the primary health issues in Zambia, with high incidence levels seen across the majority of the country. These nets have the potential to play a major part in reducing deaths and illness.

AMF allocates individual donations to specific distributions and so far we have allocated 5,166 individual donations from 3,625 donors from 47 countries. These figures will increase as further donations are allocated. Many donations, large and small, help fund these nets.

We will report openly on progress and performance throughout and after the distribution.

Key elements of our agreement include:

  • AMF is funding 2,862,200 LLINs for distribution in 2017
  • This is a co-funding partnership with non-net costs (shipping, pre-distribution, distribution) funded by the Global Fund
  • '105%' data collection will be used for the pre-distribution household-level registration process to support accurate data gathering
  • Household-level data will be put in electronic form using AMF’s Data Entry System (DES). This, and the above element combined, are the basis for a highly accountable distribution.
  • Post-distribution check-ups of net use and condition (PDCUs) will take place every six months for two and a half years in all provinces. AMF will fund this.

More information

US$120m milestone passed!

We have now reached US$120 million raised - thanks to a donation from Australia!

We have also recently passed 220,000 donations raised, with this coming from more than 84,000 people in 181 countries! As always, our sincere thanks to everyone for their support and generosity.

You can see all of our previous milestones on our milestone page.

Update on potential future distributions and funding gaps - March 2017

The global gap in funding for nets and non-net costs over the next three years is estimated to be US$500m or 100 million nets.

That equates to tens of millions of nets per year. Globally, if we and others can find the funds, we can ensure 180 million people will be protected from malaria.

For our part, we are in discussions with a number of countries about their funding gaps which range from 0.8m to 11 million nets.

  • 0.8m LLINs to protect 1.4m people, for distribution in 2017
  • 2.9m LLINs, 5.2m people, 2017
  • 2.5m LLINs, 4.5m people, 2018
  • 3.5 to 5m LLINs, 6.3 to 9m people, 2018
  • 6 to 11m LLINs, 10.8 to 20m people, 2019/20

In addition, we are an earlier stage in assessing the following net gaps (as we do not have funding available):

  • 3 to 5m LLINs, 5.4 to 9m people, 2018
  • 4 to 11m LLINs, 7.2 to 20m people, 2019
  • 3 to 7m LLINs, 5.4 to 12.6m people, 2019
  • 5 to 10m LLINs, 9 to18m people, 2019

The distributions we are discussing are mostly for 2018 and 2019, but also for 2020, as commitments need to be in place significantly in advance of nets being distributed for countries to properly plan whole-country universal coverage campaigns.

There may also be net gaps for distributions in late 2017 that become apparent in the first half of 2017. Those net gaps would require quick action, and uncommitted funds in hand, to be filled.

AMF's gap for more funding remains very large and we continue to focus on raising funds to maximize what we are able to contribute.

Each additional donation increases the quantity of nets to which we can commit, so we are very grateful for every single donation.

Future distributions page

AMF is hiring! IT Developer

This position is now closed. Please see our Vacancies page for any current opportunities.

At this key point in AMF’s growth we are now seeking exceptional candidates for the role of IT Developer.

Reporting to AMF’s Head of Technology, the IT Developer will work on several existing projects, and be required to develop their own projects, either standalone or integrated with the current systems. They should have a keen interest in leveraging technology to help improve accountability, transparency and accuracy of data collection, particularly in demanding African environments. They would have to be proficient in a number of different skill sets each of which would normally, in a larger team, be covered by individual specialists.

The current five members of the AMF team are based in their home offices, and it would be ideal if the new IT Developer is able to do the same.

The successful candidate is likely to be UK-based.

More information

AMF is hiring! Operations Manager

This position is now closed. Please see our Vacancies page for any current opportunities.

At this key point in AMF’s growth we are now seeking exceptional candidates for the role of Operations Manager.

Reporting to AMF’s Chief Executive, and working closely with the Executive Chairman, Head of Technology and Programme Director, the successful candidate will be open, confident and collegiate, enjoying work in a small, highly impactful team.

The Operations Manager will have exceptional organisational and analytical skills, together with a bias for identifying and solving issues. They will be highly professional with a commitment to high quality services and standards. They will have strong attention to detail, excellent excel capability, excellent time management, appreciate the importance of visual presentation of material for clarity and a flexible attitude towards work. They will be comfortable dealing with and learning about financial matters, and be willing to examine budgets in detail.

We anticipate that the level of responsibility for carrying out independent tasks will increase significantly as the person grows to understand the AMF organisation and its priorities and values.

Prior experience in international development is not necessary. For the right candidate AMF would be willing for them to have flexible working arrangements.

The current five members of the AMF team are based in their home offices, and it would be ideal if the new Operations Manager is able to do the same.

The successful candidate is likely to be UK-based.

More information

Long-term volunteer sought to help AMF with donations administration

We are seeking an individual who would be willing to spend 6 to 10 hrs a week on a long-term basis (ideally at least a year) taking responsibility for entering offline donation information into AMF’s donation system.

The work involves entering and cutting and pasting information relating to donations and donors from bank statements and other reports into AMF’s donation system.

This is a role that can be performed from your own home/office.

It is a crucial task that allows AMF to have real-time information on donations and finances as well as facilitating communication with all donors for whom we have contact information to allow them to track exactly where the nets they fund are distributed. It requires an individual with an unusual ability to focus on detail and work very accurately to avoid errors.

We have two individuals (one a full-time member of staff and one a volunteer who has been leading this work over the last two years) who have the ability to carry out this work and they can step in when required so this is a volunteer opportunity where there is back-up. We are seeking a volunteer to take over this work as there is other work we wish to develop with the existing volunteer.

See a detailed description of the role.

If you would like to speak with us about becoming part of the AMF team and assisting with this important activity, please email .

US$15.08m grant to AMF from Good Ventures

We are absolutely thrilled to have recently been awarded a US$15.08m grant by Good Ventures, the San Francisco based philanthropic foundation.

Enabling larger scale distributions

This is the fifth grant AMF has received from Good Ventures over the last six years and will again be fundamental to our ability to support larger scale distributions.

This grant comes at an exciting time for AMF as we work to build the number of projects we support that are of multiple millions of nets at a time, including helping countries close net gaps so that entire populations are protected.

Every single donation is important, no matter how large, in the fight against malaria.

There is a huge gap between the funding available and the net need. We never forget that every $2.50 buys a net and protects two people when they sleep at night, potentially from the bite of a malaria-carrying mosquito.

There are now over 206,000 donations to AMF. Together we have built a community that will keep the fight against malaria high on the international agenda. Projects we are currently considering require a further US$100m. Aside the occasional marvellous large donation, the overwhelming number of AMF’s donations are from donors giving less than US$200 and we are incredibly grateful for every one of them.

US$100 million milestone!

We have just passed US$100 million raised since AMF started 12 years ago! Thank you!

This has been a 'grass roots' achievement by many people - 205,795 donations from 80,789 people in 181 countries and with no money from governments.

The last few years has seen donations increase significantly with the last three annual totals being US$4.0m, US$14.2m and US$49.1m.

The most important two numbers are of course for those we can prevent from dying and falling sick from malaria.

Whilst we can only estimate these mortality and morbidity numbers, we can be more precise about the numbers of nets able to be funded and people protected.

  • Deaths averted: 48,000 (est)
  • Malaria cases averted: 48,000,000 (est)
  • Nets funded: 36,000,000
  • People protected: 64,800,000
  • Nights of protected sleep: 53,217,000,000 (53 billion)


  1. The number of nets able to be funded with the US$100m AMF has received is 36 million
  2. Every 750 nets equates to one death averted
  3. Every 750 nets leads to 1,000 cases of malaria being prevented
  4. A net lasts 2.25 years and protects on average 1.8 people

It is important to point out that these numbers apply when all US$100m has been spent on nets and they are in place. This is not the case currently as some nets will only be distributed in the next six months and some funds are still to be allocated to distributions. The figures give an idea of what US$100m can achieve.


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